Six Shooter Coffee aims to further coffee culture and knowledge in Ohio and the U.S., provide artisanal-roasted coffee beans that are sourced in a way that helps those who farmed them and are astronomically enjoyable to drink. 

Organic Roasting

The beautiful thing about coffee is the naturalness of it.  Through the roasting process we are able to accent the best qualities of each bean.  Even our decaffeinated coffee is made so without chemicals and through a process called Swiss Water Process.

Delicious Coffee

All of the coffee that we source is of the highest quality.  We roast it to bring out the flavor notes that best suit the region and the bean. If we wouldn’t drink it, we wouldn’t sell it!

Micro Roasted

Six Shooter Coffee is a small, local company.  All of our beans are roasted in small batches giving us the ability to ensure that there is a uniformity among the beans.  Therefore, there will be less defect and you can expect to get an even extraction while brewing coffee.

“We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”


Six Shooter Coffee is a small company. We could be referred to as a micro-roaster.


Being a small batch, micro-roaster has fantastic advantages. One of them being we get to pay huge of amounts of attention to very small amounts of beans. This ensures quality on a level that is unparalleled. We are able to make sure that all of the beans are to our exact specifications. That same amount of attention that we pay to our beans we also pay to our customers. 

Chances are when you place an order it will be the owner and founder of the company that roasts those beans. He has an undivided attention to assuring that the roast is great and the customer is completely satisfied. All of this attention to detail does not take away from the fairness of the price of coffee. Six Shooter Coffee costs, on average, 25% less than coffee of similar quality. This is because we want everyone to experience great coffee!

Lastly, Six Shooter Coffee is proudly local. We have worked all over this great state of Ohio. We have an immense pride for Ohio and proudly roast out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Visit our café located in the heart of the Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland, Ohio.


We welcome you to roll through our café on Waterloo. The shop features:

Free WiFi with purchase
Full Drink Menu
Bearded Buch on tap
46 and 2 Brewing’s Hopped Coffee on tap
Poison Berry Bakery Vegan Treats
Cleveland Bagel Co. bagels
Lucy’s Sweet Surrender Bakery’s Studels.

Six Shooter’s Owner/Operator, Peter Brown “believes that character matters in Cleveland, where the quality of his product is paramount. And though Six Shooter takes its name from President LBJ’s cowboy-coffee, rumored thick enough to float a revolver, Brown stays true to the third-wave “exhibition of the bean” nuanced pursuit.” The café “gives his customers a wide range of roast profiles from light to dark. ‘I don’t want to tell people what’s good and what’s not,’ he said. ‘If you’re enjoying your cup of coffee, then it’s a good cup of coffee.'” (Excerpt from Pressure Life Article)

Hours and Menu

Directions to Six Shooter Coffee Café

“The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.”


The Six Shooter Online Shop

Local coffee roasting prices determined by quantity and availability. Contact us for large orders.

Start drinking better coffee. Today.



Phone: (216)-282-4133

Address: 16021 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110